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Dedicated to the Puerto Rican Folk Art & Tradition of Hand-carved Household Saints

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Law 20 / Ley 22 Eligible Annual Charity Contribution

Law 20 / Ley 22 Annual Contribution

Special exhibit at Old San Juan's City Hall.
Museo used as set for Banco Popular TV commercial.
Traveling exhibit at Centro Cultural de Orocovis, PR

Museo de los Santos Inc is certified as a nonprofit organization under the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code Section 1101.01 and qualifies for Law 20/22 annual contributions as an approved charity.

Haciende de Puerto Rico Lista de Sin Fines de Lucro: Para ver la lista completa de las Organizaciones Sin Fines Lucro aprobadas, hacer clic aquí.
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making a tax-deductible contribution!

Law 20 / Ley 22 Eligible
Annual Charity Contribution

Museo de los Santos is certified as a nonprofit
organization eligible for tax deductible
donations under the United States
Federal Internal Revenue Service
IRS Code Section 501(c)(3)

Click here for .pdf version of our 1501(c)(3) certification
from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 


Non-Cash Donations

Museo de los Santos will consider non-cash donations.

Donations to date have ranged from antique santos and art to real estate.

Primary consideration will be given to santos or related articles which will enhance our collection.

If santos are damaged, we have experts on restoration - so don't hesitate to contact us if your santo is not in perfect condition.

Other donations such as real estate, stocks, bonds, art, museum display cases, professional services, etc. are also welcome if they can add to fundraising efforts or an endowment to ensure the operations of our museum for future generations. You must be able to verify ownership, transferability and donate the equivalent of any closing or acquisition costs.

If you have a non-cash item which you would like to donate, please contact Richard Holm at with as much information and/or photos as possible.

Note: it is customary for the person making a donation to assign a value to their gift for tax purposes. Due to the very specific nature of antique 'santos' and related artifacts, the museum can provide an estimated retail value on request.

Antique santo purchased by a tourist in 1959
and donated to the museum in 2019.

Act 20/22 Investor Resources

While we don't recommend any specific company, here is a list of companies which can help with Ley 20/22 status;

Museo de los Santos is not affiliated with any of these companies 

Make a tax-deductible contribution!
Law 20 / Ley 22 Eligible Annual Charity Contribution

If you prefer to make your annual contribution by check,
please make the check payable to MUSEO DE LOS SANTOS INC
and mail to 456 Calle Saldaña, San Juan, PR 00909.

Museo de los Santos Inc is  a certified nonprofit organization under the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code Section 1101.01 & qualifies for Law 20/22 annual contributions, as well as under the United States Federal Internal Revenue Service IRS Code Section 501(c)(3).

Click here for .pdf version of 1101.01 certification from Hacienda de Puerto Rico

Click here for .pdf version of 1501(c)(3) certification from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

All contributions will be acknowledged with a letter of contribution for Museo de los Santos, Inc.

Museo de los Santos is a participant in the Nuestro Barrio project sponsored by Sacred Heart University.

Nuestro Barrio es un proyecto de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón operado con apoyo del National Endowment for the Arts y el Economic Development Administration.

Santos from the collection are available for viewing by appointment only. Advance notice is appreciated for visits to Caribbean Consulting's office in Santurce. We are located in the Arts & Culture District near Bellas Artes, MAPR & Cobian's Plaza Please let us know if you have specific interests, so we can contact collectors and arrange for viewing.

Call for an appointment:

787- 455 - 4217  or   787- 455 - 4216


Museo de los Santos is Sponsored by Caribbean Consulting

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