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Dedicated to the Puerto Rican Folk Art & Tradition of Hand-carved Household Saints

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 Dr. José Torres Melendez discussing ideas for a permanent museum with Don Ricardo Alegría.

About Museo de los Santos

Museo de los Santos started as a joint project of Dr. José Torres Melendez, MD,PhD.(Collector/Curator) and Richard Holm, MBA (Caribbean Consulting) to promote the appreciation, understanding and preservation of Santos - the Puerto Rican folk art of hand-carved household saints.

When Richard moved to San Juan in 1999, he saw José's collection and was fascinated by the origins of the tradition. When churches were located in cities, the people in the remote mountain towns each had a niche, or alter in their homes. Local self-trained carvers would create household saints to inspire religious faith and a shared culture.  

As physical churches were eventually built in the mountain towns - the tradition faded as people were encouraged to worship in the more formal, communal churches.

Attending the annual Encuentro de Santeros (Meeting of the Carvers) in Orocovis, PR - he learned how the art almost disappeared by the 1980's when this event was created to resurrect the tradition as a symbol of Cultural Nationalism.

During Richard's first visit to the Puerto Rico Museum of Art (MAPR) - he only noticed three santos on display and learned that most santos were held in private collections which were not open to the public. This was the inspiration to create an online 'virtual museum' where people could learn about the traditional 'household saints' at

The story of the these household saints - inspired by. faith, almost forgotten and eventually rediscovered was fascinating - but difficult to find information which would be available to tourists so he created in 2005 as a 'virtual museum'.

With the success of the website, the collection was displayed at Caribbean Consulting and available by appointment only.

Over the next decade, the collection grew to more than 400 santos and thousands of people visited individually or participated in events such as the opening ceremonies for FERINART biennial artisans festival, conferences, seminars, receptions and even weddings.  José became a recognized expert on santos and discussed the possibility of a permanent museum with cultural icons such as Don Ricardo Alegría and Teodoro Vidal. He also initiated an oral history project recording personal histories of elderly santeros (carvers) and people inspired by their work.

In 2017, José earned a Ph.D. degree from the Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Puerto Rico y el Caribe in Old San Juan completing his thesis on Celestino Aviles and his importance in reviving interest in santos as a symbol of cultural nationalism.  

In 2019 we initiated an AirBnb Experience - Monday Night Only: Museum + Bomba Tour to encourage tourists to visit the museum and then visit nearby La Terraza de Bonanza for their weekly Bomba y Plena night.

We have now outgrown our current space and its time to establish a permanent Museo de los Santos.

To achieve this, Museo de los Santos Inc. was established as a non-profit corporation and granted 501(c)(3) tax exempt status by the IRS and designated as a PR 1101.01 non-profit corporation by Hacienda de Puerto Rico. Our website is now

A building has been acquired in the Santurce Arts District of San Juan for a permanent museum at 1673 Ave. Ponce de Leon with the help of a private ’bridge loan’ which must be repaid by 2022.

Vision: The new building will provide 3,100 square feet in a multi-level space:

  • Secure, climate-controlled area for our permanent collection of more than 400 Santos.
  • 1,000 square foot exhibition/event space.
  • 1,000 square foot conference/performance space.
  • Mini-theater, research Library, café/catering kitchen, museum shop.

Our vision is to establish an independent, self-sustaining museum, research institute, exhibition space & community center that welcomes government assistance but is self-sustaining over time.

Richard Holm
Richard Holm, MBA
Jose Torres y Teodoro Vidal
Board of Directors
Dr. José Torres Melendez M.D., Ph.D.
Gloria Ortiz, Ph.D.
Board of Directors
Gloria Ortiz, Ph.D.

Other Museums Dedicated to Santos

Although I did not realize it when I created my original website - there have been several efforts to establish museums dedicated to Santos before I registered to create our 'virtual museum' in 2005.

There was a government-funded museum in Old San Juan which was called 'Museo de los Santos' in the 1970's.  If I had known this, I probably would not have used the same name for our museum. It is difficult to find information regarding this museum, so if anyone has information, please contact us and we'll include it in our site.

Teodoro Vidal lead an effort to obtain the building which currently houses the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music for a museum dedicated to Santos.  When this was unsuccessful, he donated a large part of his collection to the Smithsonian Institution in 1997.  A few santos are on permanent display in Washington, DC - but the majority of the collection is kept in storage.

Another large group of Teodoro Vidal's collection can be found at the Fundación Luis Muñoz Marín in Trujillo Alto, just outside of San Juan, PR.

In the southern city of Juana Diaz, PR you'll find the Casa Museo de los Santos Reyes which has more emphasis on the tradition of the Three Kings and Three Kings Day plus contemporary carvings.

Make a tax-deductible contribution!
Law 20 / Ley 22 Eligible Annual Charity Contribution

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Museo de los Santos Inc is  a certified nonprofit organization under the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code Section 1101.01 & qualifies for Law 20/22 annual contributions, as well as under the United States Federal Internal Revenue Service IRS Code Section 501(c)(3).

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All contributions will be acknowledged with a letter of contribution for Museo de los Santos, Inc.

Museo de los Santos is a participant in the Nuestro Barrio project sponsored by Sacred Heart University.

Nuestro Barrio es un proyecto de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón operado con apoyo del National Endowment for the Arts y el Economic Development Administration.

Santos from the collection are available for viewing by appointment only. Advance notice is appreciated for visits to Caribbean Consulting's office in Santurce. We are located in the Arts & Culture District near Bellas Artes, MAPR & Cobian's Plaza Please let us know if you have specific interests, so we can contact collectors and arrange for viewing.

Call for an appointment:

787- 455 - 4217  or   787- 455 - 4216


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