We have just acquired the center building at 1673 Ave. Ponce de Leon as the permanent location for Museo de los Santos

Join our fundraising campaign to purchase
our new location in the Santurce Arts District!

We have just acquired this building at 1673 Ave. Ponce de Leon as our permanent home for Museo de los Santos in the center of San Juan's vibrant Arts District of Santurce.

This was accomplished through a non-interest-bearing loan from one of our supporters - but MUST BE REPAID WITHIN TWO YEARS - so we need to raise $295,000 by September 6, 2021 to fund acquisition and renovation.

All fundraising and administrative efforts during this initial fundraising are run by volunteers who are dedicated to establishing the permanent museum. Any contributions made to our building fund will go 100% toward repaying the interest-free loan and renovation of the space into our museum and cultural center.

Our ultimate vision for the museum to become a permanent home for Museo de los Santos, plus a cultural center with gallery & exhibition space, areas for conferences, seminars, performance and video arts.

Your support will help create a community-based arts center and permanent home for Museo de los Santos.

We are starting our fund-raising campaign with a seed money request in order to hire a professional grant writer to help us with proposal and fund-raising strategy:

Request for Seed Money of $25,000                  

Background: There have been several efforts to establish a Museo de los Santos over the past 50 years (see attached timeline).  Early efforts relied on government funding and were unable to sustain operations as governments, priorities and budgets changed.

The current Museo de los Santos has been open to the public for 15 years. The museum opened as a private museum in 2005 with space donated by Caribbean Consulting and staffed by volunteers. This was complimented by a ‘virtual museum’ at www.museodelossantos.com.

Mission: Our mission is to create a permanent public museum.

To achieve this, Museo de los Santos Inc. was established as a non-profit corporation and granted 501(c)(3) tax exempt status by the IRS and designated as a PR 1101.01 non-profit corporation by Hacienda de Puerto Rico. Our website is now www.museodelossantos.org.

A building has been acquired for a permanent museum at 1673 Ave. Ponce de Leon, San Juan with the help of a private ’bridge loan’ which must be repaid by 2022.

Vision: The new building will provide 3,100 square feet in a multi-level space:

  • Secure, climate-controlled area for our permanent collection of more than 400 Santos.
  • 1,000 square foot exhibition/event space.
  • 1,000 square foot conference/performance space.
  • Mini-theater, Research Library, café/catering kitchen, museum shop.

Our vision is to establish an independent, self-sustaining museum, research institute, exhibition space & community center that welcomes government assistance but is self-sustaining over time.

Seed Funding Budget: $ 25,000 For professional freelance grant writing & strategic planning.

Initial seed funding will enable Museo de los Santos Inc. to hire a professional proposal/grant writer and create a strategic plan for payment of the ‘bridge loan’ and renovation of the building.

Donations in any amount to reach our goal can be made
by check or online

Thank you for your support,

Richard Holm, President - Museo de los Santos Inc.