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Santos from the collection are available for viewing by appointment only.

Advance notice is appreciated for visits to Caribbean Consulting's office in Santurce.

We are located in the Arts & Culture District near The Fine Arts Center - Bellas Artes, Pierto Rico Museum of Art (MAPR), Abracadabra, Leonardo's & Cobian's Plaza.

Please let us know if you have specific interests, so we can contact collectors and arrange for viewing.

Call for an appointment:

787- 455 - 4217 (español/English)  -  Dr. José Torres Melendez, MD, PhD (Curator)

787- 455 - 4216 (English/español) - Richard Holm (Administrator)


You can also contact us if you are interested in:

  • Exhibiting Santos in your Museum - Our collection has been on display at several galleries and museums as well as the annual Encuentro de Santeros which is held on the third Sunday every December.
  • Appraisals of your own Santos - you can send a photo and description or we can arrange for some of our expert collectors to provide an opinion on the origins of your Santo.
  • Donate your Santos - Many people have donated Santos that they have enjoyed for many years and no longer have space in their homes after downsizing. By donating to Museo de los Santos - you can always visit your Santos in the museum or enjoy them online with a credit to acknowledge your contribution.
  • Sell your Santo - please email a photo and description including measurements plus any information regarding the history of the Santo or where it was purchased/inherited.  The museum has a very limited budget, but occasionally we can find a sponsor to help acquire new Santos for a nominal amount.  If the museum does not have funds, we may be able to connect you to other collectors.
  • Purchase a Santo  - If you would like to purchase a Santo, let us know.  We occasionally sell an item if we find a more interesting example of the same Santo/Santero for the collection.  Preference is given to family members of the carvers who may not have a santo from thier ancestor.
  • Group Tours - can be arranged when we have an exhibition or we can ask some of our collectors to bring a small exhibit to your group function.
  • Special Events - the museum has hosted the opening ceremonies for the FERINART International Artisans' Festival, several weddings, family reunions and educational seminars.
  • Film Location - the museum has been the location for several shootings including Popular Mortgage's commercial featuring Puerto Rican traditions: Click here for video on YouTube


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