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About Museo de los Santos

Museo de los Santos is a joint project Dr. José Torres Melendez, MD,PhD.(Collector/Curator) and Richard Holm, MBA (Caribbean Consulting) to promote the appreciation, understanding and preservation of Santos and the history of Santeros in Puerto Rico.

When Richard moved to San Juan in 1999, he saw José's collection and was surprised that Santos were not very well represented in Museums and Galleries.

During Richard's first visit to the Puerto Rico Museum of Art (MAPR) - he only noticed three santos on display - so he decided to create an online 'virtual museum' where people could learn about the traditional 'household saints'.

As a result, the collection grew to a point where it became logical to find a dedicated space to house 'Museo de los Santos'.

The museum is currently located in their own dedicated space at Caribbean Consulting's building in Santurce until a permanent location can be found.

Dr José Torres & Richard Holm
Dr José Torres & Richard Holm